Holiday Gift Giving


Every year we circle back around to the holidays. A time to spend with family and friends and a time for giving.  We are taught and encouraged to buy gifts, to send the message of love and appreciation through items.  I challenge you all to let those items you choose to spread the love with be items that originate in love from conscientious individuals doing their part to make a difference in the world.  It is time that we really put our best effort and dig through the vale of consumerism and support the companies and organizations that are doing their part toward a better future.

What does that mean?  In my opinion it may mean fewer items under the tree… though those fewer items may be handmade, or made by people whose lives are vastly improved by your purchase, i.e. local small scale, women cooperatives in Mexico or Ghana.  It means supporting people making and selling goods in your neighborhood.  It means choosing quality over quantity.  We may have little control over the larger scale of politics and government and corporations, but our power as a consumer can go a long way if we harness it and use it to our advantage.

Take time this holiday season to contemplate what it really means to give gifts and what message we want to be sending to our youth through our actions.  We have the opportunity to shift this massive barge that we are on one person and one step at a time.  Let your consumer actions be a part of that shift.


I love the idea that we can select gifts for our children or other individuals in our lives within these 5 categories: WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ and EAT

Before the frenzy sets in, make it a goal to buy those in your life five deliberate, thoughtful and quality items.


Happy Holidays!