Kitchen Composting Just Became A Whole Lot More Beautiful

When you think about composting, what comes to mind? 

How about a big, hot, steamy, and sometimes stinky, pile of decomposing material that takes up a large chunk of your yard and outdoor space? 
Well, what if we told you your perception of composting is about to change forever…


Introducing Ironwood’s walnut, maple and oak compost bins!

Sleek and stylish, Ironwood’s compost bins are the perfect option for households with limited counter space.  The countertop bins are made with sustainably harvested wood accented with a clay paint graphic detail and a stainless steel liner that is dishwasher safe. Kitchen composting has never been so beautiful or functional.

If you’re not composting from your kitchen countertop already, here are a few reasons why you should consider it:

  1. Everyday items like coffee grounds, tea, and food scraps can be easily composted
  2. Composting prevents organic material from going to waste in a landfill, reducing the release of methane, a global warming causing gas
  3. You can use the compost to feed your garden’s plants
  4. You’ll save money each spring when gardening season comes around!

So why not save your leftover food scraps and turn them into “black gold” (compost!) conveniently from the counter of your very own kitchen?

Before you know it, you’ll be composting in style.

To learn more about Ironwood’s handmade compost bins, and shop the entire collection, click here.

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