Designers Bay and Josiah Jackson founded Ironwood Designs in 2012. Our studio and workshop are located in Bristol, Vermont where we design and build all of our furniture and homeware collections.

From an early age Bay was immersed in many facets of Danforth Pewter, her family's business. This gave her both a sense of appreciation for handcrafted works of art that could be broadly available as well as a desire to make handmade goods. With a fine arts degree she gained exposure to a variety of media and opportunities to discover her true creative inspiration, the juxtaposition of elements worn by age and the simplicity of modern lines.

Josiah was raised in and around a family of fine artists.  He started traveling the world in search of beautiful places, inspiration that has given him the motivation to design and build in a way that brings the natural world into daily life.  His ability to observe the material world through sculpture and home building has refined Ironwood's handmade aesthetic and craftsmanship.